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In Upside Down Land

I was watching a movie today where a child, recently laid down to bed, asked 'What would it be like in upside down land?' His father explained that in upside down land they would be having breakfest instead of going to bed. The boy then asked 'What would we eat for breakfest?' His father explained that in upside down land you would eat ham, drink soda, eat pudding, and all the treats you want.

Well, this got me thinking, In a land where everything is the opposite, what would actually change and what wouldn't. With meals, you would have dessert first, but dessert wouldn't be dessert, it would be the main course (and vice versa).

We would be born with the distinction between wrong and right. Those who abide to the laws are criminal and those who break them are upstanding citizens. But this is not anarchy, for this is upside down land. Rather, a crime is an act of kindness and an act of kindness is a crime.

In upside down land, Heaven would be below us and Hell above, only Hell is a nice place to live, and Heaven is Hell. Satan is the creator and God is the head strong rebel exhiled from Hell.

Essentially, the only thing that would change are the titles. So, truth be told, we would theoretically be living in upside down land, if not for the fact that it was 12 hours ahead of us, where our night is their day and their day is our night.
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