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check yourself before you wreck yourself

dude... like... big brother, dude... is like... totally watching you.

20/20 last night fucked with my head.

they discussed many issues having to do with the world and its obsession with personal video recording (a night in paris was one of the featurettes.) one issue they reported on was the video taping of executions in iraq of american prisoners. apparently they are all over the internet. it has been discovered that many of them are fake, actually staged to look authentic while being filmed in some film student's parent's garage or something. the people filming these bits claim their work as art when the FBI shows up at their door.

what do you think, bombshelter? is this art or have people crossed the line and exploited the sufferring of others? is this a respectful tribute or just a bunch of sick kids with nothing better to do than play with a video camera and some fake blood?
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