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Brendon Small Revealed

At the party last night, someone asked the question: What does Brendon Small look like? Well, I took a few minutes and found his personal website:

Also, I post on here one of the pictures that's on the website for those who are impatient and have to see a picture NOW!

That's Brendon Small (voice of Brendon Small and Duane) sitting in H. Jon Benjamin's (voice of Jason and Coach McGuirk) lap

Also, check out Brendon Small's blog:
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April 14 2008, 00:19:03 UTC 10 years ago

hey, i want you to stop this adult swim stuff, because many kids are watching so many violent things, so please cancle the adult swim stuff.
nah, you need to just not have kids. we need less of you. a lot less.

Re: hi


April 23 2009, 18:45:08 UTC 8 years ago

it's called ADULT swim for a reason... NO KIDS ALLOWED! stop policing the world and police your own.