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frankly the feeling is fucking fantastic

dancin at the zombie zoo
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way back college boy asked to a high school dance-MC Chris
"why am I Mr. Pink, why can't I be Mr. Purple?"-Resivior Dogs

This community is just for people who are bored in college, bored in dead end jobs and just want some place to post weird things they've come across in their day and just to have a collection of the weird things you come across.
You can post pictures but if you think its gonna get you in faster or that a picture of your ass is gonna some how win us over, its a hit or miss choice. If it misses I'll post it all over the internet and that won't work out to well for you. I know I can't spell, so don't tell me I'm already painfully aware.

We want all types of people here, so come on in .. party hard as you youngsters often do..

promote promote promote bitches!

Application :)

What do you do?
Favorite Music:
Favorite Books:
Zodiac Sign:
Do you party hard?
Have you been known to do hos?
How do you feel about Tom Petty, Billy Joel or The Police?
Type of Shampoo:
Favorite class you have taken:
Why your running from society and feel you should become a part of BombShelter2?
If you play San Andreas would you wear green or purple?
What are your feelings on Motely Crew?
Whats the worst physical accident you've been in?
Are you in college or a dead end job?
Would you own a pony of the oppurtunity came up?
Finally, the last question of all- What would you bring to Bombshelter2?

promote in two different places and prove it!

fill it out, post it
I'll read it
most likely I'll approve you or most likely not..depends
As time goes on and more people join you have to be approved by five memebers...

so come on.. Tom Petty is here..